Do you snore through your nose or your mouth?
These simple tests will tell you whether you snore through your mouth or through your nose, this is important to know so that you can decide which snoring products or remedies are likely to work best for you.

Test Yourself To See If You Are A Nose Snorer

Snoring testPress one side of your nostril while facing a mirror. While still pressing your nostril close your mouth and try to breathe through your other nostril if it feels like the nostril is collapsing or sticking and breathing through it is difficult then you are most likely a nasal snorer.

Test Yourself To See If You Are A Mouth Snorer

You won’t need the mirror for this one. With your mouth open make a snoring noise and then close your mouth and try to make the same sound. If you find that you can only make the snoring noise with your mouth open then this means that you mostly breathe through your mouth and so you are a mouth snorer.

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